Dear Colleagues,

We want to take this opportunity to share the news that the 2ndInaSHG Conference will be an entirely virtual event on September 04 – 05, 2021.  Although this was not an easy decision, the InaSHG committee, with input from our InaSHG advisors and conference colleagues, considered all options, but we are confident that this is the right way forward.

Along with all of you, we have hoped and waited to see if the COVID-19 global pandemic situation would improve and we might see some signs of a return to our previous way of life.  Unfortunately, at this point, there does not appear that anything will change the current circumstances in the near future. As the pandemic continues, it has become clear that it is more important, and necessary to protect the well-being of our community. The health and safety of the InaSHG Conference attendees must be our number one priority – and the best way to ensure that safety is to hold the conference in a virtual space.

We know that it is hard to imagine a year without an in-person gathering. While it is disappointing that we will not be able to physically engage, interact and network personally on-site, we are excited about planning and creating a quality virtual learning and engagement experience that will be open to an even wider audience. The InaSHG committee is already working hard on this first virtual InaSHG Conference to provide a positive conference experience for all participants.

Important Note:

Registration: For those whom had already registered and paid the previous registration fee, please do the re-registration and your previous payment will be refunded to your account bank. For those that have not yet registered, please do the registration in our system before September 03, 2021.

Call for Papers: All abstracts are still ACCEPTED! All presentations can still be PRESENTED virtually! For those whom had already registered and submitted their abstracts, we invite you to re-submit your manuscript in our system. The full paper deadline has been extended to September 30, 2021. The scientific committee will review full paper and only selected paper will be given a recommendation to submit their paper in the International Journal Indexed by Scopus or National Journal Accredited by Indonesian Higher Education Commission (SINTA 1-3). For any questions regarding your abstract, please contact Scientific Committee at

We are excited to bring the 2ndInaSHG Conference 2021 to you and hope that you will join us from wherever you will be!

Best regards,

The 2ndInaSHG Conference Committee