The Indonesian Society of Human Genetics (InaSHG) or Perhimpunan Ahli Genetika Manusia Indonesia (PAGMI) in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati (FM-UGJ) will organize the 2nd InaSHG conference on September 04 – 05, 2021 via an exclusively virtual event.

This virtual experience is a landmark opportunity to network and learn from colleagues around the globe. Held as part of the agenda 13th Dies Natalis of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati, the 2nd InaSHG conference will be essential for members, researchers and participants to discuss about the progress of human genetics from cellular, molecular biology, genomics, clinical genetics and other related field such as microbiology and infectious diseases. Among the InaSHG members will also discuss about our organization, the opportunity and challenge of development of human genetics in Indonesia in industrial revolution 4.0. The theme of the conference is “Research and Clinical Practice in Genomic Era: Challenges and Opportunities”.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we have the great pleasure to invite and welcome all of you in this virtual event and sharing your experience regarding human genetics and health sciences.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

Best Regards,

The 2ndInaSHG Conference Committee


The scientific committee will review full paper and only selected paper will be given a recommendation to submit their paper in:

  • International Journal indexed by Scopus
  • National Journal accredited by Indonesian Higher Education Commission (SINTA 1-3)


Advisory Board:

    1. Catur Setiya Sulistiyana, MD, M.Med.Ed (Dean, Faculty of Medicine, UGJ)
    2. M. Edial Sanif, MD, Sp.JP, FIHA.PAsCC, FICA (Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Medicine, UGJ)
    3. Eni Suhaeni, M.Kes (Vice Dean for Finance and Human Resource, Faculty of Medicine, UGJ)
    4. Ahmad Fariz Malvi Zam-zam, MD, Sp.PD, MM (Vice Dean for Development and Student Affairs, Faculty of Medicine, UGJ)

    Steering Committee:

    1. Prof. Sultana MH Faradz, MD, Ph.D (President of InaSHG)
    2. Prof. Sofia Mubarika Haryana, MD, Ph.D
    3. Prof. Tri Indah Winarni, MD, PhD
    4. Gunadi, MD, Ph.D, Sp.BA

    Organizing Committee

    Chairman : Gara Samara Brajadenta, MD, M.Sc, M.Si.Med, PhD

    Vice Chairman : Nani Maharani, MD, M.Si.Med, PhD

    Secretary : Tiar M. Pratamawati, MD, MM, M.Biomed


    1. Uyat Suhayat
    2. Silvy Natasha Putrisari, SAB
    3. Ardina Aprilani, S.Sos

     Treasurer :

    1. Egis Febri Theresa, S.Pd
    2. Arie Widiastuti, Amd
    3. Mahayu Dewi Ariani, MD, M.Si.Med


    1. Ouve Rahardian, MD, M.Kes
    2. Bambang Wibisono, MD, MH
    3. Iin Indrayani, S.Pd., M.Pd.
    4. Kacung Arif Rochman, S.Pd., M.Pd.
    5. Ferry verdianto, ST., M.Pd
    6. Herlina Patty Adnan, S.KM, MM


    1. Tissa Octavira Permatasari, MD, M.Med.Ed
    2. R. Vivi Meidianawaty, MD, M.Med.Ed
    3. Ferdy Cayami, MD, Ph.D
    4. Yunia Sribudiani, M.Sc, Ph.D
    5. Dadan Ramadhan A, S.Si., M.Biomed
    6. Nurin Aisyiyah Listyasari, MD, Ph.D

     Scientific Committee :

    1. Prof. Herawati Sudoyo, MD, Ph.D
    2. Prof. Damajanti Rusli Sjarief, MD, Ph.D, Sp.A(K)
    3. A. Zulfa Juniarto, MD, Sp.And, Ph.D
    4. Agustini Utari, MD, Ph.D, Sp.A(K)
    5. Gunadi, MD, Ph.D, Sp.BA
    6. Eko Purnomo, MD, Ph.D, Sp.BA
    7. Muflihatul Muniroh, MD, M.Si.Med, PhD
    8. Donny Nauphar, B.Sc, M.Si.Med
    9. Ariestya Indah Permatasari, MD, M.Sc, M.Si.Med
    10. Uswatun Hasanah, S.Pd, M.Pd
    11. Nydia Rena Benita, MD, Ph.D

    IT and Documentation :

    1. Lukman Nurhakim, ST, M.Kom
    2. Duddy Satrianugraha W., S.Si., M.Si., M.Biomed
    3. Muhammad Ronald Reesan S.Kom
    4. Risnandya Primanagara, S.Kom, M.Si

     Logistic :

    1. Jejep Setiawan, S.Kom
    2. Untung Pribadi
    3. R. Syaeful Mulki
    4. Sirojudin
    5. M. Mansur Riyanto
    6. Dayat

     Publication :

    1. Amanah, S.Si., M.Si.Med (Koordinator)
    2. Thysa Thysmelia Affandi, MD, M.KM
    3. Windhy Hidayati, S.KM
    4. Venty Muliana Sari Soeroso, MD, M.Sc, M.Si.Med

     Snack and Consumption   :

    Dwi Wahyuningsih, SE

    Sponsorship               :

    1. Rama Samara Brajawikalpa, S.Far, Apt., M.Sc.
    2. Witri Pratiwi, MD, M.Kes
    3. Wiwik Lestari