Abstracts are invited on all aspects of health related research, especially the conference sub-themes below:

  1. Molecular Genetics and Techniques
  2. Counseling Genetics and Social Aspects
  3. Clinical Genetics
  4. Immunology
  5. Communicable Diseases
  6. Non-Communicable Diseases
  7. Health Technology and Medical Treatment
  8. Pharmaceutical Sciences
  9. Health Promotion, Health Policy and Education
  10. Mental Health
  11. Environmental and Occupational Health
  12. Sport Sciences and Physical Education
  13. Cancer Biology and Cancer Therapeutics
  14. Others


  • Mendelian Disease and Genetic Counseling
  • Disorder of Sex Development: From Genetics to Management
  • Hereditary Cancer and Genetics
  • Congenital Anomalies and Complex Genetic Disorders
  • Challenge on Diagnosis and Management of Hemoglobinopathies
  • Recent Advances in Molecular Genetics and Genomic Diagnostic
  • Molecular Biology, Infection and Medical Ethic